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We Know None (Dec 2019 - ?)

Paranormal Mystery Audio Drama

'Gwen Thomas' girlfriend Frankie disappeared two weeks ago. Following her trail, will Gwen find Frankie, or is she really gone?'

We Know None has been a project I have been working on since December 2019 as creator, writer, co-director/editor, and voice actor. It's been a huge passion project and is so exciting to see all of season one posted and ready for listening. 

We recently had the honour of bringing We Know None to London Podcast Festival's Audio Drama Day for their Debut Hour!

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Waiting (March-May 2020)

Waiting is a podcast about Morgana, a time-traveller trainee sent back in time on a supply run, only to be trapped eternally in a stone tower, and no one is answering her distress calls... A single-narrator fictional audio-drama.

'Waiting' was my first foray into creating a podcast and sound editing outside of my university software and computers. I created it while sat trapped in my family house for the first six months of Lockdown in 2020, and wrote, voice-acted, recorded, produced, edited and published completely by myself.

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Tales from the Valley (Dec 2020)

The Tale of Mari Lwyd

'Join The Storyteller as she recounts the many tales of Wales, reminiscing as the seasons change, yet stay the same. From the time-honoured tradition of the Mari Lwyd, to long forgotten lore that lives deep in the mountains, come listen and learn of the magic that lies within the valleys.'

A pilot episode for an anthology folk-tale series. Currently being re-developed and re-written for a different medium. 

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M@Beth (2021)

A modern political-satire adaptaion

A proud butchering of The Bard's work, M@Beth is an adaptation of the classic tragedy bringing it into modern day UK politics. Focusing specifically on the hypocrisy of modern government, the refusal to learn from mistakes and the endless cylce of purity and cancel culture, I created an audio-drama version of my original play. I hope to continue to work on the script and perform it on stage again one day, but for now we have this test run.

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Forsa (2021)

the force that drives us

I'm so excited that Dr. Tracy Breathnach's podcast is finally live! I have had the honour on being the sound editor and assistant of this podcast for its first eight episodes.

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Acting Credits

Although I usually have many fingers in many pies, there are some other projects I have had the honour of performing in.

Voidless Final(1)_edited.jpg


Sci-Fi Adventure Audio Drama

I play Jet, a half-alien rebel hotshot in the ongoing fictional podcast Voidless by Calliopic Productions. Currently working on our second season.

Julius Caesar the Musical

Bristol Shakespeare Company

I am very excited to be a part of the cast of 'Julius Caesar the Musical' this July! I will be playing multiple roles such as Calpurnia, Octavian, and Roman Soldier with Hammer.


The Way We Haunt Now

A Speculative Audio Drama

I had the delight of being part of an ensemble role as 'The Haunted Apartment' in this delightful podcast. Would spookily yell 'fruitcake' into a microphone again.

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Work in Progresses

Some projects in the creation stage that I'm excited about.

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We Know None - Series 2

After series one aired, I was taken aback by the support and kind words from listeners around the world. Currently in the early planning stages, I'm so excited to get stuck back into this world and characters.

Tales from the Valley

Due to unforeseen changes, Tales From the Valley is on a current hiatus as I re-develop the concept for the stage. I'm still so excited about the project but this particular cake needs a bit longer in the oven.

IMG_0080 (2).jpg

The Mourning After

The script for this play has recently been redrafted, and myself and my writing partner Hal Faux have started rehearsals! We're still in the very early stages but I can't wait to see where it develops. 

We've made a website for the show, you can find out more at

And Many More!

There's a good few things in the works I can't quite put out there yet, but they're very exciting and I look forward to sharing them all. Just need to wait a bit longer!

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